We are a family of families from different backgrounds and walks of life who have come into an experience, where our lives were dramatically transformed. All of us have had, at some point in time, encountered with God who created this magnificent universe and having experienced His tender loving care, we now work on living in obedience to Him as a mark of our expression of love for Him.


NLF HSR Layout has partnered with CCC to provide various counseling services free of cost to the general public as a part of its community service programs

General Counselling

We, at NLF, would like to take the initiative to support the community that we live, in this area of providing wisdom and counsel to those in need of it

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Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling Program: Freedom It is said that larger percentage of our population are young and energetic. Majority are in secondary schools and colleges. This is the age of vibrancy and energy.

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Career Counselling

Career Counselling Program: Crossroads Every child comes to crossroads several times during the child’s journey from childhood to adulthood especially in the area of choosing a career.

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